Helyos is the innovative Corradi cover with aluminium slats, electrically adjustable up to 120°, which allow you to adjust brightness and ventilation.                           

Available in flat, when the blades are closed (horizontal position), Helyos ensures perfect protection from the rain and is also ideal in colder climates.The quality of the materials used (including aluminum and stainless steel) gives the structure a high resistance to oxidation and weathering even in particularly rough places. The convex shape of the slats is unique on the market and is the result of an extensive study to ensure rigifity and resistance to loads greater than the average. The slats are also equipped with a double seal water, with exhaust flow lateral conveyors, which make water stream directly inside columns. The absence of visible screws, the aesthetic attention to detail, the ability to complete the structure with side locks (Ermetika or sliding windows) combined with a modular built-in lighting, make Helyos an exclusive product to satisfy the most demanding customers. The structure is modular, with the possibility of adding modules side by side or frontally joined to the first.